Essay on A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah.ishmael

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In the Book , A Long Way Gone , By Ishmael Beah.Ishmael Is a Young
Child who has just become a soldier.Ishmael Is fighting against the Rebels , The People who killed Ishmael’s Family and friends , Although Ishmael Has Committed many wrongdoings, People who commit horrible crimes Can be Rehabilitated . This Is proved honest By Ishmael Beah In the benin home, where he becomes more considerate and gentle towards people Ishmael’s Rapid reverse of mindset in caring about his life more, Also Ishmael Becoming a less bloodshed of a person and not slaying people anymore or even doing”Brown Brown” drugs .

During his time in the Benin Home , Ishmael Learned to become a nicer person. Ishmael became nicer because he didn’t give people as much of a attitude as he did before rehabilitation . Ishmael became nicer to Ester , although, when he first met her , he wouldn’t even speak to her. Beah wrote ““What is your name”. Ester asked , I didn’t answer” . This is important because this is before rehabilitation, whereas he still had an attitude. Ishmael then wrote “ I caught her hand , pushed her away and walked out”. This is still important because it speaks on how Ishmael wouldn’t talk to Ester nor let her touch him , when she was just trying to help him. After rehabilitation Ishmael started to loosen up more and trust people more. Ishmael Writes “I smiled, because I had thought the same thing.”. This is very important because of the person he was talking to , which is Ester, And…

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