A Long Time Mexicans During The Great Depression Essay

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For a long time Mexicans have been blamed for many setbacks that have occurred. They have been exploited and taken advantage of, never acknowledged for their hard work. They were seen as communist and were to blame for the depression and loss of jobs in America as well. A handful of Mexicans were deported and were used for working purposes as contracts were made to have them work in the U.S.
In 1929 the U.S. economy was in a fragile state where 2/3 of the population were living in a household that earned $2,000 or less a year which was not enough for families to sustain. In addition, banks, construction, and automotive started to fail which began to mark the beginning of the Great Depression. The stock market crashed and there was a 25 percent of unemployment meaning there were 12 million people out of work and the national income also dropped. Herbert Hoover blamed Mexicans and Mexican Americans for the lack of jobs, however the Mexicans economy and society worsened. Wages were extremely low and the prices of cotton went down which meant labor would be paid less and as nativism took hold many Mexicans were no longer hired.
In New Mexico laws were passed to deny any migratory workers any form of relief. The government and local cities wanted to get rid of Mexicans conversely businesses wanted Mexican workers for labor. That is the main reason businesses today benefit from having Mexican workers the reason being that they are just wanted and needed for their cheap labor.…

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