Essay about A Lonely Young Woman At Her Third Year Of College

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Lindsay, a lonely young woman at her third year of college is suffering from a lack of personal motivation, low self esteem, and severe stress. Her parents only want what is best for her, which means they want her to follow in their footsteps as successful people. The school she attends is far away from home and was not the intended college she had planned on going for her Freshman year. This very bright, outgoing girl, quickly cast herself out of the world. She then questions everything she does and what her parents would think of her, further degrading her self esteem. Lindsay is suffering from major depressive disorder. A disorder that plagues the victim with a persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self esteem and a loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities. This diagnosis was chosen based on Lindsay 's behaviour with her becoming less socially active, regularly missing her classes, having difficulty sleeping, a lack of interest in taking care of herself.
We picked Person-Centered Therapy, Humanistic, group therapy (family or self-help), and Psychopharmacology, i.e. an anti-depressants treatment regimen as a last resort for Lindsay’s form of therapy. Person-Centered Therapy is where I as a therapist would be working on what empowers her and motivates her to fulfill her potential on her path to success, which is needed when you are a college student. The whole point of it is to focus the patient on what she wants to become in the future, in order to be…

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