A Logical Change Of Logistics Essay

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A Logical Change to Logistics
Imagine being the captain of a container ship delivering products from China that are destined for Southern Europe. The route directs the ship towards the Suez Canal, creating the shortest trip possible, however this means cutting through the Malacca Straights, one of the piracy capitals of the world. The company decides not to hire protection, deciding they’d rather take their chances and save money. As you approach the Malacca Straights, you’re attacked. Before you could even call for help there are pirates boarding your vessel. You and your crew have little to nothing to defend yourselves with, and are only able to come up with a fire hose, some pocket knives, and a fire axe. They come armed with automatic weapons and a few have RPGs, leaving you no other option but surrender. They offload the most valuable cargo, and then kidnap you and the rest of the crew. They take you off blindfolded, and drive their old fishing boat into the nearest harbor. When you’re un-blindfolded you realize you’re in a warehouse. There’s a camera in front of you, and pirates surround you, carrying machetes, pistols, and AK-47s. They go up to the first mate and slice his throat, and then walk to the camera and say they’ll do the same to the rest of you if a ransom isn’t paid. They continue to torture you and the rest of the crew before shutting off the camera and locking you all in a small room. The ransom is paid a few days later, but instead of releasing you as…

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