A Little Old M How Can I Be Better Than Him? Essay

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A little old man in a tiny little studio in 1550 Italy paints away on cheap canvas. No one would suspect that the simple act of him painting led to imperialization. Most people would imagine a pompous, slightly obese emperor moving chess pieces across a world map deciding which country he wants to snatch up next. While imperialization is the act of one country controlling another, it did not start with great men in high castles but among the ballet dancers and scientists and Enlightenment speakers of the Renaissance. Following the Middle Ages there was a boom in individualism; the guy down street is now competing with everyone on the block for the cleanest lawn. However, this competition carried over to governments and nations. Leaders of the world began looking at their next door neighbor and thinking, Hmm, how can I be better than him?. This constant battle for greater political power drove and still drives the hunger for resources, technology, and land. The most important reason Europe imperialized Africa was the desire for political power over other European nations. The love of money can also been seen as the driving force of imperialism. The resources obtained by controlling African countries were extensive, including but not limited to: cotton, rubber, ivory, peanuts, bananas, coffee, copper, zinc, lead, coal, gold, and diamonds (Document D). While all these resources were a great way for small European countries to take the materials they need, the only powers…

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