A Little History Of The European Union Essay

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Let me start by talking about a little history of the Euro area agenda. This dates back to 1973. The European Union came about after a series of treaties and agreements were entered into by the European Countries. After the horror of the World War II, it was imperative that people find way to ensure a lasting peace and coexistence that will include regional integration. The idea of an European Union was first discussed in the late 1940s. In 1951 however, the first European project was formed in the name “European Coal and Steel Community”. Six countries namely Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, Luxemburg, Italy and France came together to form this community. Their agenda was to cooperate in the areas of creating materials essential to build military equipments. They believed this would bring an end to any war between them since they already had a common goal. In 1957, they came together again to form the European Economic Community. The aim of the EEC was to allow for more trade relations between the member countries. The United Kingdom was allowed to join the EEC in 1973 after three attempts. The single European Act was signed by each leader of the Euro zone. In 1993, the EEC was renamed European Union and as such more cooperation in areas of defence and justice started. They also set up plans to bring the economies of the member countries closer together. In 2002, the Euro was born, bringing to demise currencies like Dutch Guilders, French Franc, Italian Liras and…

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