A List And Brief Detailing Of The Organizations Current Risks

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The following is a list and brief detailing of the organizations current risks. These threats are generalized there is a specific list of threats to the embassy listed later.
Risks and Challenges
Acts of Nature Include Lightening storms, hail storms, tornado’s earthquakes floods or any other natural disaster you could think of that could possibly disrupt daily operations and make data unavailable for any reasons.
Dependency Failures Include systems or personal that become inoperable that are outside our control to repair. This includes 3rd party application or cloud storage, also includes the termination of critical employee example would be a system administrator resigns, or subject matter expert was terminated.
System and Environmental Failures This includes the failure of computer, device, application, internet, that enables network communication software failures and data corruption. These issues could possibly disrupt, harm or expose others to harm if an environment system fails.
Insider Attack These are traditional hacker or disgruntled employee attacks that could cause harm or denial of service to personal systems or data. These incidents include privilege escalation, email eavesdropping, password guessing, and social engineering.
Insider Abuse and Unauthorized Acts Exactly what it sounds like and includes illegal or unauthorized use of company resources, including streaming of bad material such as pornography or any other unethical sites and data including illegal…

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