A Line Of Corruption : Turn Of The Screw Essay

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A Line of Corruption: Turn of the Screw 1898, England, a society of hardened social classes in which people were engrained into the class in which they were born. Henry James, a wealthy writer and philosopher moved to England from America…In his book Turn of the Screw, Henry James warns that an inattentive upper class is blinded by their own prejudice towards the lower class causes a chain of corruption. Quint is the person with the lowest status in the novel yet he succeeds in creating Jessel into a social outcast and causing much suffering. Jessel was a “lady,” while Quint was “dreadfully below,” in terms of class. Jessel did not realize Quint’s motive to use her as a puppet, consequently she “didn’t forbid him.” In Jessel’s mind, Quint flattered Jessel by his interest with her and when people are entranced when others take interest in them. Quint had an infinite amount of time to corrupt Jessel, “she spent hours with him.” Quint was not an innocent lower class man, he was insinuating and very “clever.” Quint did “what he wished” with Jessel and she did nothing to try and prevent the corruption. Jessel “paid for [her ignorance].” She became “infamous,” a social outcast due to her association with Quint. Jessel was wearing black when the governess first saw her. The governess describes Jessel as if she was “in mourning.” Grose said that Jessel left and never came back which then could indicate that Jessel lost her baby. Quint is the core cause of the suffering that…

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