Essay on A Light Skin Slave Narratives

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In order to understand the lives of mulattoes or light skin color slaves one needs to look at interviews made to slaves and slave narratives. The primary sources I found to describe the life of a light skin slave was from slave narratives. The group of light skin slave narratives I found was for example, from Harriet Jacobs and Fredrick Douglass. All of the slaves mothers were black and their father were white, most of the time the plantation owners. I used the slave narratives to find different aspects of how they were treated, and viewed by the white society. I looked for sources that explained if the slaves knew who their father was and how they were treated by them, if they were seen as different from the other slaves, and if it was beneficial to be light skin. These narratives are good sources for my type of analysis because all of the authors of the narratives knew who their father was and all of them had different experiences of how they were treated by the white society. Before my research I thought that just by being lighter skin than the rest of the other slaves was beneficial but after analyzing these sources a new question was raised which was to what extent was it good to be lighter skin. Looking at the sources if you were a light skin women your life was harder than the rest of the other women. All of the narrators were slaves, some were house workers but for the most part they were protected.
A good example of the differences between being a light skin slave…

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