Essay on A Life Story About A Young Male Who Went Through This Course

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In sociology we come across several different theories that pertain to our lives. Making connection between those theories and ones every day life can be difficult. Through this paper I will discuss a real life story about a young male who went through some traumatic experiences during his life that lead him to become deviant. I will relate his story to theories we have learned through this course. This is relevant to todays society because it is something that happens more often than not, something society is still trying to figure out.
The story I have chosen to focus on involves a twenty two year old boy, Elliot Rodger, that resided in Santa Barbra, California. Elliot went on a rampage killing 6 people, injuring 13 others, and then turning the gun on himself. This all took place on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista, California near the University of California Santa Barbra. Elliot was defeated by his parents divorce, his set back with women, and his short stature. This anger that lead up to his rampage was a year in the making. Elliot had a well thought out plan that he publicized on YouTube. Elliot planned to go from his apartment where he stabbed his roommates, to, “the hottest sorority house in UCSB” where he killed 2 girls and injured one. He then went on to drive the opposite way on the road so he could shoot people on the sidewalk from his drivers side window, coming in contact with an officer who he exchanged fire with. Elliot continued to run over two…

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