A Life Skills Class Is Desperately Needed At The High School Essay examples

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A life skills class is desperately needed at the high school. The class will be similar to a Home Economics class. Home Economics is a class that used to be offered at the high school but now is not being offered, hurting students’ education. Home Ec. teaches skills that students will need in life. Not knowing these skills is like not knowing how to read and write: you use them everyday and without them, you would be completely lost. This class would not just teach what they need to know, but also what they want to know. A survey taken at YVHS showed that 18 out of 34 students surveyed said that they wanted to take the class. If students want to take the class, we should have the class! Without the class, students would not have the skills that they need in life. Most students believe that they will be prepared in life, but they will not know until they get there. In the same survey, 20 out of 34 students think that their parents know all of the information, but how can they know everything if they did not have the class themselves? 12 out of 34 know that they would not learn the skills from anyone, unless the school offered it. We need to be teaching students the information they will need, and will not learn anywhere else. The class will teach students everything they need to know. Cooking and sewing are important skills that need to be taught! They are normally in the average Home Ec. class, at schools that offer it. This means that the skills are important…

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