A Life Of A Princess, The Absolute Dream For Most Essay

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Young girls everywhere hear about the wonderful life of a princess, the absolute dream for most. Life would never involve fear or danger, only gowns, balls, and a frog of course. That frog one day transforming into a prince ensuing a squeamish kiss. Creating a fairytale ending, a prince presents the dreamy future of a young girl until reality bursts the bubble of fantasies told at bedtime when life entails war, inequality, along with greed. A storybook simply cannot provide an escape from such a world but immigration can. Fleeing a country repleted with harm in order to reach a safe home may not pop into one’s head when hearing the word fairytale, but for many, immigration emerges as the only hope. The United States stands in the world as a land of immigrants, a land of the once hopeless. Without access to this country, many would die in a depressed state, never having had the opportunity to life. Although the process that one must undergo to become a U.S. citizen proposes many complications, immigration employs possibility, one that must never be forgotten. Addressing this nation’s vulnerability to illegal immigration, an enforced border implements stringent entry requirements while vouchsafing America as a new home for prospective citizens.
Borders must secure a nation’s inhabitants from the dangers correlated to illegal immigrants seeking entry. The borders of a country set up boundaries which prevent outsiders from entering without granted permission. Enforcing…

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