Essay on A Life Of A Pediatrician

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The Greek roots ped or pedo means child, Iatri means medical care, and the suffix ician means practitioner of. When combining the meanings of the roots and the suffix the overall meaning comes as basically a doctor who specializes in medical care of children. A Pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the medical care of children from the birth of a child to around 18 or even 21. Due to some past experiences, my goal has become to be a successful Pediatrician. To become a Pediatrician one needs specific skills and education, to fulfill the specific duties of a Pediatrician.

As a child, I did not actually have a job that I really wanted to exceed in. However, as the years went by the goal of wanting to become a Pediatrician developed. After countless times of volunteering during the summer at my Dad’s Martial Arts Summer Camp, I realized that I loved working with kids, and wanted to continue to work with kids in the future. Then, for a couple of years, I spent a good part of my life in the hospital for my Grandpa, maybe for 3 years. Due to his frail body, he was in the hospital constantly. In those times that I spent at the hospital, I was able tosee the many duties that a doctor must do: they helped my Grandpa by fixing him. Those visits to the hospital really affected my life and decision of what I wanted to be. It was hard to see my Grandpa in pain and I was not able to physically help him. So, I realized that I wanted to do something in the medical field and…

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