Essay on A Life No One Should Live

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A Life No One Should Live The wheels of family discontent were set in motion before I was even born. They could have come screeching to a halt only if they knew where to draw the line. My dad mentioned bringing bean hash to a family potluck, a common family dish, but just the thought made my mom gag. She said she had been feeling strange and told my dad she thought she was pregnant. He didn’t believe her but at 4:30 in the morning, on his way out hunting, my mom took the test. She was pregnant! What should have been a happy exciting time turned stressful and began the years of family drama. A few days before Thanksgiving my parents shared the news with my grandparents, wanting to keep the pregnancy between them until my mom saw the Dr. and made sure everything was OK and a true pregnancy. Unfortunately my dad’s mother, Sharon, decided to tell the entire extended family and by Thanksgiving everybody knew. Sharon, told my mom that she would buy a breast pump and take the baby whenever she felt like it. She would be in the delivery room when the baby was born. She called the baby HERS. My mom had a stressful pregnancy, ending up with high blood pressure and toxemia which lead to bed rest. Due to complications she had to have a Cesarean Section which was good because the doctors wouldn’t allow Sharon to be in the delivery room. But it wasn’t long before she was getting her way. My parents were too scared to stand up to her because every time they did the whole family came…

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