A Life Beyond Do What You Love Essay

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The phrase, “do what you love,” is a saying many of us use when it comes to choosing a college major or a career. However, one person questions that phrase by asking if it is “wisdom or malarkey” (Pg. 1). That person is Gordon Marino and he is a philosophy professor at St. Olaf College. His article, called, “A Life Beyond Do What You Love,” questions the famous motto by saying that sometimes we should not do what we love, but rather do other things that will make the world around us better. Dr. Marino questions the “do what you love” ideology by saying that sometimes it is best to do what we don’t like for the sake of others and the world around us. His already effective argument is enhanced by using techniques such as anecdotes, hypophoras, procatalepsis, and a high sense of credibility. Dr. Marino begins his essay effectively by introducing an anecdote. Anecdotes are real life examples that are used to enhance an argument by telling a story. Dr. Marino uses anecdotes to great length in his essay, as they help to shed some light on his life and further develop his argument. He appeals to the emotional sense of reader most of time with his use of anecdotes. For example, Dr. Marino states, “my father didn’t do what he loved,” (Pg. 2, Para 1). He talks about his father in great length and says that his father didn’t do what he loved, but rather he did what he had to do in order to provide for his family. Dr. Marino then raises a rhetorical question by asking if his father…

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