A Liberated Woman By Shashi Desponde Analysis

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Treatment of women in society shashi Desponde’s selected short stories A Liberated Woman and It Was the Nightingale
Shashi Desponde , an Indian woman writer in, was born in a small town of Dharward in 1938. Her father, the famous kannada playwright, was described as ‘the Bernard Shaw of the ‘Kannada theatre’ .She acquired an M.A. in English from Mysore University. She married Dr. Desponde, A Neuro-pathologist in 1962 and visited England in 1969. Inspired by this visit, she published an account of her experiences as short stories started appearing regularly in popular magazines. Her r stories were published in Indian magazines.
Her first novel The Dark Holds No Terrors was published in 1980. It was followed by If I Die Today in 1982, Roots and Shadows in 1983, Come up and Be Dead and If I die Today were detective serials that were expanded and
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Unfortunately only rights have been learnt by the learners, and they seem to have forgotten to learn about their duties. And hence problems seem to have been appearing in the society. As a woman less educated or illiterate they didn’t know the world beyond their husband, house hold duties and familial responsibilities. But as the time changed the so called image of women has been broken. Because of the education women become aware of their own rights, desires, ambitions, needs.
Shashi Desponde deals with the middle class woman and her problems. Sita, Savithri have been treated as an ideals of loyalty in the Indian society. The society does not accept a woman as a person. It seems that the society does not allow any women to live without the labels like a mother, daughter, sister, wife, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law. While playing these roles woman has forgotten herself as a human being. Shashi Desponde portrays the picture of this woman she deals with the problems of women like loneliness, quest for identity, sexual

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