A Level Paying Field : Vander Blue, One Of Marquette 's Men 's Basketball Team 's Best Players

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“A Level Paying Field”
Vander Blue, one of Marquette 's Men 's basketball team 's best players, aside from Dwyane Wade and Wesley Matthews, averages fourteen points and 4 assists per game, entered the draft after his first year in college and wasn 't drafted. He now plays on the Laker’s practice squad serving as a scout team player. This means so much coming from someone who has lived right here in Wisconsin. I have witnessed his greatness on the basketball court, and if he would have played all four years, his skills would have been honed. Although there are many men and women around the globe who work hard and get an extremely large paycheck, there is another group of athletes that deserve a paycheck just as much as the professionals. Men and women involved in the NCAA should be given a salary because the athletes will want to stay in school longer instead of declaring eligibility for the draft, they will be more mature and ready for a pro level commitment to a sport, and finally players will learn how to manage money properly.
Paying college athletes isn 't just about developing and honing the skills of the sport being played, but it will also keep the students at the university longer, calling for a more thorough experience. People may begin to ask the question, “Will people start paying high school athletes as well?” And to that I say, high schools are not run like a multi-million dollar athletics business. They aren 't marketed like professional sports and don’t…

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