Essay on A Letter Of Recommendation For Transferring

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Hello Professor Haradon, I’m Sebnem Dilay Aksunger from your Anthro 9 class. I don’t know if you remember but I have mentioned once that I was in need of a letter of recommendation for transferring, more accurately an academic evaluation as common app puts it. I know that we may not have talked personally outside of class much but that’s because I prefer to keep it to myself and am comfortable studying the materials on my own. That 's why I felt that I should tell you about my ambitions and myself, since it would be difficult for you to do an evaluation purely based on my performance in class. I also know that you will be taking a leave from school so I would totally understand it if your schedules are tight and you simply couldn 't provide assistance to me. I should mention that I am not an anthropology major myself but I don 't necessarily find that to be an important factor in taking real interest in it. In fact I 'm a film major and will be applying to undergrad film schools, but haven 't really taken any film classes in SMC. I feel that it 's impossible for me to to not be fascinated by different fields, anthropology being one of my favorites. This was the second anthropology class I have taken here and I have greatly enjoyed both and am overall looking forward to learning more in time. Even though I may not be focusing on pursuing an academic career in anthropology I still think your recommendation would help me greatly in my applications. Since I 'm focusing on…

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