A Letter For A Counsellor Job At The Teton Valley Ranch Camp Essay

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It happened when I was taking a photo of the purple sky and two stretching lakes across the Bonney Pass in the Teton Mountains. I suddenly knew that this wonderful place had transformed me into a better person and a more confident woman.
It took some courage to get to that place. Many months before, I had some fear and reluctance when submitting a lengthy application for a counsellor job at the Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Dubois, Wyoming. My stomach had that sinking feeling that I would be leaving my comfortable, close-knit home to work at a ranch camp 2,610 miles away. My friends were close by, and my daily routines were very comfortable. Surely there had to safer jobs nearby, and I was a little nervous already about heading out to college on my own at the end of the summer. But my Mom persisted in saying that I should do something different.
So I went ahead with the application. I had been a camper at this camp when I was younger. It certainly appealed to me that I would be contributing some of my time to a place that had provided me with good memories. But I knew that being a counsellor would be much different and more difficult. I would have to get along with lots of new co-workers, manage large groups of young campers, and learn how to teach camping and hiking skills, all on my own. Visions of potential disasters swept over my mind. Despite my fears, I knew at the same time that going to a new place far away could be life changing, that life is not about being…

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