A Letter About My Christian Faith Essay

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Dearest Cato, lover of knowledge, from your dearest friend Aelia, concerned for the wellbeing of your soul. I am writing this letter to with my concerns about your beliefs in monotheism and how I think you can better your faith, happiness, and life after reading this letter about my Christian faith in Jesus Christ. There are two Christian thinkers that write about their early Christian faith which I based my faith off of. Those two scholars would be Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, and Justin Martyr. After reading their writings I have converted over and maybe you will find yourself doing the same after reading this letter. It is not my goal to convert for my sake, but for your own because I believe this is the better path for you, your soul, and your happiness. The first thinker who spoke to me, which I hope also speaks you was Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch. Ignatius wrote his letters on his way to be killed. The letters are not written well, but it is not about how they are written, but more so about the lessons and ideas that derive from them. He letters consisted of three main concerns which were, his approaching martyrdom, the unity of the church, and Ignatius is to unmask those heretical movements that are leading to schism. The first concern is him approaching martyrdom and for him he believes this is the way to become a “real disciple” and a “genuine Christian” (Richardson, 75). He is a very strong believer in showing his passion for God. The reader can tell that…

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