A Letter About A Loan Essay

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They met outside on Karen’s large patio overlooking the pool filled with kids. While the blue water glimmered, all the yelling and noise the children made caused the tenseness she felt to intensify. “You are my best friend and I’m so thankful to have you to turn to. Karen, I’m in serious financial trouble and I’m going to need a loan. Do you think you could talk to Tom about it for me? As president of the bank I thought he would be able to offer me some assistance and help me out of this horrible situation.” “Wow, so it is true,” she said, as they walked over to the grill. I couldn’t believe Miriam would be so devious. They said Brad tried to talk to her until he was blue in the face….and… and….kids, the hot-dogs will be ready shortly,” she yelled, right in the middle of her sentence. “Yay!” they screamed. “We’re starving,” the young man shouted as he did a cannonball in front of them, sending the water splashing their way. “Now, where were we—oh yeah, you know Miriam has an iron-will and everybody knows it. Not even that hen-pecked husband of hers can make her change her mind when she has it made up. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. How much money are you talking about?” “My accountant says it will take at least three hundred thousand dollars to put me back on my feet and to keep me from filing bankruptcy,” Clara said, wiping away the splashes of water. Karen fanned herself hard. “That’s a lot of money,” she gasped. “I’ll talk with Tom, but I know…

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