A Lecture On Studying Engineering Essay

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In chapter four of “Studying Engineering”, there are many vital topics covered addressing the importance of striving in college. Some essential topics covered in chapter four include what to do during a lecture, proper note taking, understanding the teachings of the professor, and winning over the professor, and vital characteristics of what not to do during class. Tied into these topics, the chapter also covers how to properly communicate with a professor and also how to go to professors, tutors, and peers for help or tutoring. The beginning of the chapter opens with the idea of being prepared for lectures, coming into a lecture with some brief knowledge of the topic will increase the chances for success and increase the level of understanding. This requires students to look over the chapter in advance and practice some problems before the next lesson, this will give the student a foundation for the material prior to learning it for the first time. Another key skill to obtain during a lecture is focus, this requires students to put aside distractions such as phones and computers and focus on the lesson. Taking notes is also vital in the process of learning, but taking notes that are smart and structured such as “Cornell Notes”. One of the main ideas in this chapter is to question oneself and ask questions during the lecture, and using the professor as a resource rather than just a professor. Professors can be a key component in the learning process, they can be a resource…

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