Essay on A Lecture On College Lecture Hall

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College Lecture Hall
I have not always taken my classes online, I used to go to class every day and listen to the lectures given by my professors in person. I have had many great experiences with in class learning but I have also had some less than great experiences. Those experiences that were less than great were the classes where by the professor taught by lecture and test alone. The two experiences I am going to use as examples are very different form one another, one being a great learning example where the setting used an approach environment and the other being a poor example that used an avoidance environment.
Approach Environment Example According to our text an approach environment is “a setting in which the customer feels comfortable and wants to spend time.” (Fisk, 2014) I took a management course in class last year and had a great experience. There were many elements that contributed to this class experience being an approach experience. First, there were no individual desks but groupings of tables and chairs. Before class started I could tell this class would encourage group interaction and discussions. Next I noticed that there were posters on the wall with interesting quotes, ideas, and mottos of different businesses. I was encouraged by this because I thought it would be a creative learning environment. Lastly was that the professor led the class in group discussions more than lectures,
Avoidance Environment Example The text describes an…

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