A Learning Management System ( Lms ) Essays

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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software that aids in the delivery of Electronic Education also referred to as e-learning. This is mostly employed in the higher learning institutions all over the world. The same software is also used in the corporate world in the storage of information and automatic documenting of employer or employee records (Watson, 2007).
Learning Management System (LMS)
The main difference between an LMS and other computer education structures is that LMS, as a web-based framework, does handle all aspects of the learning process to deliver and keep track of instructions while supervising the learning process at large. Its functionality as a software application cuts across different areas. For instance, it aids in course content delivery in an education organization. At the same time, it helps in online student registration and global institution administration (Vencateah, 2003). It also does the assessments and resource management in virtual organizations.
The LMS has its roots developed from the Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) incorporating the Integrated Learning Systems (ILS). These have helped in managing and tracking information from different points and unifying the information in a synchronized primary system (Erik & Adam, 2009). They have been used to describe the PLATO Learning Management system (PLM) structured as a computer-based instruction. Currently, the traditional LMS services include Blackboard Learning platform,…

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