A Learning Experience For My Group And I Essay

769 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
The final project for Introduction to the Theatre was a learning experience for my group and I. It was great working with people that I have not had the opportunity to work with before. My group and I worked together very well together. The beginning process was for stress-free and enjoyable. Unfortunately, later on we had to deal with several situations that occurred in the production of the piece and during the performance of it. Starting this project was very exciting. Everyone in my section got put into groups based off of what topic we had showed interest in. My group members and I got along right away, which was a good sign. We gave each other our numbers and emails to stay in contact and share information about the project. Our final performance was based off of the essay written by Macey about refugees. This was the topic that I had wanted to be a part of, so I was happy to have that opportunity. Developing of this project went very smoothly. We decided and all agreed which jobs each of us would do in the production of the piece. Macey and I were to be the actors, Ricka was to be the set designer, Alexi was lighting, and Allison wrote the script. As a group we decided the blocking and the actions of the actors. Many of our rehearsals focused on reading through the script that Allison had wrote. We also spent a lot of time deciding on how to create the set and what we would wear. Our first idea was to have actual tents in our production, but we decided that hanging…

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