Essay about A Leading Environmental Services Company

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A leading environmental services company is offering service to collect, process and recycle the materials for industrial and automotive customers has been facing problems with route management and the quality of route services. To enhance the feasibility and quality of the service that it provides the firm has adopted the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) practice. The company has strived to maximize time and fuel efficiency and better quality on the services with an ultimate goal of reducing its freight expenditure and optimize routing. In an effort to upgrade its operations the company has applied the DMAIC methods on a third party tool TMS and has seen significant improvement.
The company essentially followed the process of determining the route sheets based on the calculations provided by the TMS (Transport Management System) .Based on a review by the branch managers, they give an approval to the service representatives to proceed with the given route to go for the material collection at the customer 's address. The six sigma practices once implemented now has a better results on determining the locations for the route sheet and an improved way to go about saving the overhead costs of the firm. In the defining process, the problems faced by the TMS calculations was determined, just a review on the route sheet was not enough; the intel had to be verified. For instance the there was a possibility of a customer location having multiple internal or…

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