A Leader Of A Huge Empire Essay

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Every leader is given a chance to change things. A leader of a huge empire is given a chance to revolutionize both their territory and the world. This brings up the question of who took the greatest advantage of this. Who affected their land, their people, and the world the most? Who do we need to learn about in textbooks today? Two well-known leaders of ancient China include Shi Huangdi and Empress Wu Hou. Shi Huangdi (sometimes called Qin Shi Huang, Shihuangdi, or Shi Huang), first named Zhao Zeng, was born in 259 B.C. Empress Wu Hou, also known as Wu Chao or Wu Zetian, was born in 625 A.D. At age 13, Zhao Zeng inherited the throne of the Qin clan of China from his father Zhuang Xing. At age 13, Wu became a junior concubine (unmarried partner) for emperor Taizong. Zhao used his power to unite the 7 Warring Clans of China into one empire by 221 B.C., establishing the Qin dynasty (Blackwell). Wu used her position to gain the attention of Gaozong, son of Taizong, who made her his concubine when he became emperor. Eventually, by framing or killing the competition, she rose to the title of Empress and declared herself ruler of China a few years after Gaozong’s death. When he came into power, Zhao renamed himself Shi Huangdi, which means “1st emperor.” Both had major effects on China- Wu lowered taxes, promoted Buddhism, altered the examination system for potential government officials, and more. Shi Huangdi raised taxes, united China, built the 1st great wall, and more. Both…

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