A Leader Is The Head Of A Group Essay

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A leader by definition is one who is the head of a group. While developing into my leadership roles throughout my young adulthood I originally thought I was not a leader because I never fit the dictionary definition of a leader. I was never in charge and never one to boss my group around. I never wanted to be known as a leader because I thought it was somewhat of a selfish title that didn’t fit my personality. However, as I entered college and started the Leadership Program at ECU, I started to realize that I had always been a leader and that the title isn’t selfish it shows selflessness. During the past three years at ECU I have had a variation of opportunities to be a leader and to grow into the leader I am today. Whether it be the team leader in a group project, the banner committee homecoming chair, the convention committee chair, or a supervisor at ECU Transit I was always finding my self in leadership roles. Each leadership experience for me is always different; I always have new obstacles to overcome and I always learn a little bit more about my leadership growth. One specific example of my growth as a leader was learning to give up the reins on group work. At first I struggled to not be able to have a contribution to each part of a group project. I wanted to be able to do all of the sections of the project and just have the others contribute along the way. This power came from being self-knowledgeable and know that I am pretty smart and a handworker so I would be…

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