A Leader By John C. Maxwell

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In our social order today, one tends to think of a leader as a person who is wealthy, charismatic, and influential. For this reason, some people are inclined to form judgmental opinions about a leader based on the leader’s lifestyle. For instance, one may judge the leader 's ability to lead based on their visual appearance, the manner of dress, the type of car the leader drives, and the residential area in which the leader lives. So often, one fails to judge a leader by what they do not provide. For example, arrogance, self-centered, or egotistical. An authentic leader views their work as a selfless service towards a higher calling and purpose. Hence, leadership is not about command and power. It is close to servitude; having a servant 's heart.
John C. Maxwell, a speaker, author, and pastor, has written a myriad of books. Primary, Maxwell focused his books on leadership. He says, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Leadership is also about liking for people and therefore developing a firm foundation within oneself that can sustain and develop others. According to Kouze & Posner (2012), "Leadership gets individuals moving. They energize and mobilize. They take people and organizations to places they have never been before" (p. 1).
To that end, utilizing my collective life experiences, education, reading resources, observations, successes, and failures, this paper will address my personal Leader Development Plan. Besides,

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