A Leader At The Denver Museum Of Nature And Science Essay

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Leader come in all shapes and sizes. They are part of many industries and fields; they have diverse jobs and goals. Nancy Walsh is a leader at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She works the programs and partnerships for the museum. Nancy Walsh has worked in many jobs and it has shaped the leader that she is today. It is through her experience that she is an amazing leader that is inspiring and passionate. Nancy Walsh was born in New York City. She’s the third of five kids in an Irish Catholic family. Her and her family moved to Baltimore when she was fairly young. When she was ten, they moved to Denver. She stayed here and graduated from high school in Denver. She moved away when she went to college. Nancy and her husband moved back to Denver in the 1980s after her husband got his Ph.D. They stayed here for six months working odd jobs, like as a temp or at a restaurant. With the economy tanking in the eighties, it was too difficult to stay in Denver, so they moved when Nancy Walsh applied and got a job at the Bell Museum of Natural History as associate director. The museum was in Minnesota and is run by the University of Minnesota. She worked on the public side of the museum and discovered that she enjoyed working on public aspects of the museum compared to the research side. Later, her husband got a job in Virginia, so they moved to Virginia where she got a job at an aquarium. She ended up starting over and was working at a lower level than her previous job.…

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