A Lazy A By Suzanne E. Fry Essay

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A Lazy A
Suzanne E. Fry writes “Some students feel that success is owed to them; after all, they did not spend thousand of dollars a year not to yield results”(Fry 10). In her article, she brings out her view that relaxing grades or the lower performance needed to achieve good grades, cause the quality of education to suffer and teaches student they don 't need to work hard to succeed are completely valid; it is seen in the way student pick classes today and their time spent studying.

Suzanne E. Fry in the article, Grade Inflation argues that the inflation of grades going on in higher education is harmful to all involved. Fry points out that when A’s are easier to achieve students are taught that they don 't need to work hard. She shows that students are not well prepared because professor’s grades do not mirror the requirements of their profession. She adds that while grades increase the value of the education decreases which weakens the entire system. Suzanne E.Fry concludes that the education system must value learning by itself rather than grades or tests, and that only then, can students be educated(Fry).

There exists a serious conflict of interest when students pick classes in higher education. Suzanne Fry writes how some students “pick and choose classes cafeteria-style based on course evaluations and select those where success seems guaranteed” (Fry 10). This is true, and it brings up a problem in the educational system. Namely, what is its purpose? Many people…

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