Essay about A Lawyer 's Perspective On Planning A Reduction

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In this case, the courts have the ability to force the company to abide with the agreement and reinstate the workers so that they can receive their compensation for the wrongful discharge. This local court, can inforce what they see as a violation of good faith of the “NLRB” National Labor Relations Board where an agreement was approved and a court ruling was applied in court that the company had legally agreed to the settlement which is binding. Once this is accomplished the employer is required to report the illegal aliens and get them off their records. The law stipulates that employers must hire legal United States workers or workers who have valid work visas. Based on this premise, the employer must follow the courts requirements but they also have a higher requirement that requires them to follow the “federal (Immigration and Reform Control Act of 1986) and state (the Legal Arizona Workers Act) immigration laws (Walsh, 2013). In the article, “A lawyer 's perspective on planning a reduction in force” the author brings to light the forces that are in play when companies are planning to reduce the workforce. “Most people can at least conceive of facing a potential job loss and can imagine themselves in a situation similar to the plaintiff who lost a job. Therefore, an employer forced to defend a claim that a termination decision was unlawful must consider the emotions and perspectives of a potential jury that might judge the claim and award monetary damages if it…

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