A Lasting Impression Of The Gates Opened Essay

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A Lasting Impression The gates opened as I passed through, allowing me to obtain my first glance at a new world. An endless array of attractions stood before me; roller coasters, log rides, colorful buildings, and more rolled across the horizon in a bright sea of color. The amount of opportunities for fun could last a kid for weeks. As I walked along the paths, I began to take note of the rides around me. “Oh, look at that one!” I exclaimed as I passed a space-ship looking coaster. I continued to make my way to each section of the park. “That looks fun too!” I mentioned, gesturing towards an attraction that resembled a pirate-themed water ride. So many possibilities. So much freedom. I could go on this, or that, or that, or even that. My mind filled with potential. How could I ever leave? While I tried out various rides and attractions at Disney World, I began to notice the specific characteristics and attributes that made each one unique. The different sounds, different sights, and different themes distinguished one ride from another. Some were much faster than others. Some had different motions and directions that changed the riding experience. In the end, one ride could not fully match another. As I visited the other parks, I observed this same idea. No ride was identical to the next. In the following years, though, I came to a new realization as I explored other theme parks. Each ride or attraction could be placed into a certain category, which in turn could be…

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