Essay on A Large Majority Of Americans

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Nations have always been defined by something. The ancient Jews had their religion, including their temples and the Ark of the Covenant. The Romans are still characterized by their military force and the Coliseum. A more modern list could include France 's food and the Eiffel Tower, England 's Big Ben and the practice of drinking tea with the pinky finger extended. All Asian countries are lumped together by narrow eyes, mathematical abilities, and Karate. India is known for their exceptional tech support. Other countries may stereotype America for being fat, lazy, McDonald 's consuming swine, however, America is more than a fast food chain or professional football. . All offensive preconceptions aside, groups of people have deep, underlying characteristics that separate them from other groups, and America is no different, or very different, depending on how you look at it. While it is hard to pick out three identifying characteristics, the at least one of the attributes articulated in this essay should apply to a large majority of Americans. An American is someone who enjoys the freedoms offered by the United States of America, feels national pride toward their country, and who have an ambitious mindset.
A clear defining attribute of an American is the partaking of the freedoms offered by being a citizen of the United States. The US, even among progressive, developed countries, offers an unparalleled level of freedom in many different ways. Just one example is freedom of…

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