A Lab Report On Clean Water Essay

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Final Lab Report


Body Paragraph #1 - Background: Clean water is one thing we share because it’s healthy, good for you and communities want to be away from all contaminants that are harmful, and your body needs to survive off of pure water. If your water is contaminated it’s true that viruses and diseases may be transmitted through the water because haves a negative impact on our health. “Water is crucial for the well-being of people. Due to industrialization, growing population , illiteracy the provision of safe drinking water will undergo global industry in near future”(Mishra & Nandeshwar, 2013) Climate changes are by any of our actions or through the quality of water. I personally haven’t seen any immense damages we as humans are causing with our terrible behavior. I thought pollution damages should have been resistant toward water and that meant I could have all the drinking water I wanted at my disposal, not true. Contamination of water needs to create some kind of awareness so everyone needs to be educated and help others in the community know their health is really threatened because of all the contamination in water. Broderick said “The importance of process and participation for adaptive management suggests that success can be judged in terms of learning outcomes” (2008) I’m glad we have people doing research on water quality because I now know about issues of contamination preventative measure and different awareness are brought…

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