A Lab Report File, Define Bia Essay

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STEP 5: In your lab report file, define BIA…..
It is a data collection process to identify the critical functions and resources of an organization and understand their impact on business when these critical functions are disrupted.
This information forms the foundation of recovery strategies, investment in prevention and mitigation strategies (www.ready.gov).
BIA identifies the critical business functions and their impact but do not recommend solutions, which is later covered in the scope of Business Continuity Plan. BIA acts as an input provider to BCP. In a nutshell, one can define BIA is a top down approach for (i) Identifying critical business functions (ii) Identifying critical resources (iii) Identifying Maximum Acceptable Outage and (iv)Identifying recovery requirements (Gibson, 2015). STEP 7: In your lab report file, define BCP…..
As per Gibson, “Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a plan designed to help an organization continue to operate during and after a disruption”. Disruption can be due to a natural disaster or human intervention. BCP ensures the continuity of the operations (www.ready.gov.in).
BCP can be understood in 4 major parts (i) Business Impact Analysis (ii) Recovery strategies (iii) Plan Development and (iv) Testing and Exercises

BIA- Identifies the business critical functions and their impacts when they fail
Recovery Strategies - The countermeasures and controls are identified
Plan development - Disaster recovery plan (DRP) is developed

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