A Key Aspect Of The Personality Theory Essay

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5.2 Locus of Control
A key aspect of the Personality Theory is locus of control (LOC) introduced by Julian Rotter in the 1950s he defines Locus of Control as a person’s awareness about the core causes of their life events and therefore believes that (LOC) is a acceptance about the outcomes of an individual’s actions which are dependent on what they do (internal control orientation) or consequently on measures which are not in their control (external control orientation) however, entrepreneurial success comes from his/her own capabilities with help from support from outside influences such as his family (line 6, 18) and states that in line 41 that his brother Gary has the more entrepreneurial aspect then he, this is referenced to as an “external locus of control” in which they believe that these events are the consequence of external factors such as fate, chance or luck (Rotter, 1966) as we can see by the transcript (line 346 – 356) that Mr McManus states that having the right underpinning could be deemed as luck he further adds that luck is like a wave and indeed you need to “set yourself up for luck” and that getting the standards and basics correct luck with come along.

5.3 Need for Achievement theory
Whilst the Personal Trait theory centres on locus of control and the inborn qualities about the individual 's views in regards to the rewards and punishments in their lives McClelland’s (1961) the need for achievement theory claims that humans have a need to accomplish,…

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