Essay on A Jury Of Her Peers By Susan Glaspell

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The short story, “A Jury of Her Peers”, is a story that is covered with the theme of feminism and written by Susan Glaspell. The idea of Glaspell’s story came from one of her earlier literary work, a one-act play entitled Trifles. This one-act play that she had written is also a product of one of Glaspell’s work, years before she wrote the play. This work is a news story that she covered while she was still a journalist. The news story was about a murder of a man named John which is the primary background story of both Trifles and “A Jury of Her Peers”. All three of these Glaspell works uses this story of a murder and investigation to tell a story about the powers of women’s’. Excluding the news story, Glaspell’s stories features two women who eventually solves the mysterious death of a man with the use of their natural feminine instinct and thought process, while the other side of the story tells about three men who can’t seem to figure out the murder for, well, for they were simply the opposites of what the two true crime solvers of the story: a man.
Stories are characterized by the message or messages that it is trying to convey. These messages and meanings of what the story is telling or what the story is essentially about can be summarize in one or a few words. These few words can have the eye-capturing or even the long lasting thought it leaves in the readers. This is what a title is. With this idea, Glaspell perfectly chooses the correct and fitting words for her…

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