Essay on A Journey

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A journey

“Mammy, how do people die?”. This very first sentence in the story is rather essential of the theme and interpretation of the novel. Not only does the question itself referee to depression and disillusionment but it also tells us about David and his way of thinking about life in general.

The story starts in media res with a flashback followed by the actual situation with Mary driving her son home from the hospital after it seems as if he has had a minor depression. “The doctors called it depression”. David doesn’t want to talk with his mom in defiance to his Childhood, which we get to know as a time where David was chat-fully inclined. However, the relationship between Mary and David seems very tight and the fact
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The lack of this identity forming leads to depression which occurs for David in the story.
The text can also be put in perspective with the picture by Paul Mathey, Woman and Child in an Interior. This picture illustrates a young child, perhaps seven or eight, looks at the viewer with a gloomy face. The woman, who is working on some textile in the background, is most likely his mother. She is, however, completely oblivious to his plight. Perhaps she is preoccupied with her work, or perhaps she is unable to see it because he is hiding behind a “metaphorical wall”. This exact situation seems to be happening in the story.
As we read this flashback we also get a clue of how Mary and Seamus wasn't there for David. Not only does David spent more and more time with mrs. Redmond but it also seems that David has been exposed of care failure from his parents. The more we get to know of their past, the more we get to know of Davids reach for his parents. They (the parents) also seem like being in no state of having a child. “She felt that perhaps they would be too old and set in their ways to bring up a child. They were used to being free. Yet David did not really make the great change in their lives that she expected.”
In these sentences we get the feeling of how they can't change their lives in order to be the best parents as possible.
As said earlier in the text, a bad mood between Mary and David manifests. This gets

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