A Journey Of Self Discovery Essay

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A Journey of Self-Discovery:
Who am I?
Postwar America, in the 1960’s leaves thousands of immigrants creating their own families in the United States. It leaves first-generation Americans with the question, what am I? Am I American? Am I for example Mexican? Can I be both?
America makes them decide between one and the other to create their own self identities. In Richard Rodriguez’s Hunger of Memory, we go through Richard’s journey on discovering his own identity, as a son of Mexican immigrants born in the
United States. It’s about his struggle to find his own voice, in a society that alienates him, for sounding different. He grows up speaking only Spanish, and has to learn how to assimilate to fit into American society by learning English. He fights between being
Mexican enough and being American enough. His struggle is best summarized by a small movie production called Selena, where the father says, “being MexicanAmerican means being more Mexican then the Mexicans, and more American than the Americans at the same time, its tiring”. Reading about Richard’s life we discover that he struggles with finding a balance, where he can be his own person that is not defined by his roots. In this novel the use of language including spoken and written leads to public self-identity, feelings of assimilation and alienation, and the development and deterioration of intimate relationships in the journey of discovering who the author is.
To be able to express oneself is an integrate part of…

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