A Job Opening For A Revenue Cycle Management Company Essay

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In reviewing a job opening for a Director of Patient Access for a revenue cycle management company; the job posting qualifications includes the ability to write clearly, create persuasive messages, excellent speaking skills, as well as the ability to analyse data. Any time a profession requires written communication, writing skills become important. Business documents are often read in a hurry, and usually only intended to persuade others. Organization, style and editing of your document before sharing are important.
Persuasion is trying to influence someone’s actions, opinions, or decisions. If you are able to explain what is in it for your audience, explain the what, why and how, while being believable and sincere, you should have accomplished your goal of swaying your audience to your point of view. The fear of public speaking is the number one fear of people. During oral presentations make sure that you do not “lose your audience”. In order to remain in control and be confident during the presentation, plan the presentation systematically. An oral presentation allows give-and-take. Unlike written reports, you can adjust your presentation as you go and you can answer real-time questions.
The analysis of data is important in many jobs. Whether collecting, analysing or presenting you must be knowledgeable about the information. Though it is important to understand how information is linked, it is equally important to understand how the pieces help to form the big…

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