A Job Offer At Houseworld 's Home Care Division As An Assistant Product Manager

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Lisa Benton, a Harvard MBA, has accepted a job offer at Houseworld’s Home Care Division as an Assistant Product Manager after turning down another job offer at Right Away Stores. Since the beginning of her current career at Houseworld, Benton encountered disputes with her boss Linton and associate Scoville due to the lack of attention and assistance from Linton, as well as the domineering and patronizing personality of Scoville. She often felt underutilized in projects and meetings because she was rarely inquired for her opinions. Due to these feelings of exclusion, she hesitated to give insight and abstained from requesting more responsibility to avoid being perceived as an “arrogant” MBA. Benton began to have some doubts about her future with the company.
II. Problem Statement
With an ineffective (or absent) mentorship program, further exacerbated by a work environment that fosters assumptions, propensity for rumors, and lack of professional standardization, Lisa Benton is suffering from slow career progression, lack of self-fulfillment, and deteriorating relationships with her team. Further contributing to this vicious cycle and uncharacteristic of her true self, Lisa Benton allowed passivity to prevent her from establishing clear communication to set goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities with both her supervisor and her coworker. This conflict leads her to contemplate three options: requesting a transfer, leaving the firm, or accepting her…

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