A Jail 's Primary Purpose Essay

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In similar words John Irwin, a jail’s primary purpose is to receive and hold persons who are offensive. Furthermore, Michelle Alexander states in the very beginning of chapter two that the prisons and jails are meant to hold people as the law enforcement’s main goal is to keep the streets clean and safe. Both writers are aware that these allegations are not the case in reality. Both authors did very well on their part about explaining who gets arrested and why, with of course having a few similarities, but also having many differences. The books both share the idea that drugs have become the leading cause for arrests in the county, leading to the exploding rates in our system. Irwin did a sample study using, in total, two hundred people randomly picked from a one year time period from records of San Francisco city and county jails. Half were misdemeanors and the other half felonies, and the felonies were interviewed personally. In his study the type of felony that was convicted at the top were for narcotic violations and for the misdemeanors the top most arrested were for being drunk or “stoned” in public. He also pointed out that the Californian city statistics are not skewed, however it does have a relatively high rating of narcotic arrests, just like New York City with robbery. Irwin continues to discuss why certain people are targeted by law enforcement, which I will later discuss.
In comparison, Alexander talks about the war on drugs intensely. Ever since the…

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