A Interview With The And The General Education Teacher Made Me Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed

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The interview I conducted with the LSSP and the general education teacher made me feel a bit overwhelmed. She stated that dealing with the parents can become challenging at times. It can be difficult to meet the demands from the parents as well as the administrators. She stated that she would like to incorporate more counseling into her role. However, I realized that there will be a district for me where I can incorporate counseling into my role because this is a role I would like to follow in the near future. When I asked the LSSP how she decided to become an LSSP, it seemed she was very unaware of the career. In my case, it reassured me that this was a career I wanted to follow because I was aware of the challenges that come along with being a LSSP. She used to work at a high school and stated that she enjoyed working with elementary students more. I have decided that I will more likely try to follow the path of working that that student population as well.
What concerned me the most was how does a LSSP incorporate parents into the work that they do with the students. The LSSP was very helpful and stated that parents can be easy to talk to yet others can be a challenge. It seemed as if the LSSP did not enjoy that aspect of her career. She gave me the advice that most parents just want to be heard. I understand that at times most parents will be in denial when their child has a disability, so I feel that I need to prepare myself for those situations. The LSSP stated that…

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