A Interview With My Mother Essay

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For this family interview, I interviewed my mother, Adrienne, and then connected the information I collected from the interview with themes that are related to the course. My mother is a 39 year old single mom of four kids that works a full time job. She has been through it all with marriage, divorce, remarriage and the difficulties of blending two different families. The first theme I derived from the interview is the work-family conflict. My mother works full time and supports my brother and two sisters that are still living with her. Another theme that resulted from the interview is divorce. Many members of my family, including my parents, have been divorced. The final theme I will discuss is remarriage and blended families. Many of my family members who have divorced later remarry, and this results in blended families. The themes of the work-family conflict, divorce, and remarriage and blended families are evident in the interview I conducted with my mother. The first theme that I will discuss is the work-family conflict and how it affects my mother and family. Work-family conflict, “occurs when the time demands, strains, or obligations of work or family roles make it difficult for people to fulfill their obligations in either role” (Cohen 397). My mother had two children with my previous stepdad, so in total she has four biological kids, including myself. She also works full time at a prison in a demanding job. She is a single mom with three of her kids, two of which…

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