Essay on A Interview With Anxiety And Excitement

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With anxiety and excitement, I walked up to Mr. Ghimire’s house to ring a bell. He unlocked the door and with a polite smile, he asked me to come in. “Hi, how are you?” He asked. “Thank you for willing to do this interview with me. I am fine, what about you?” I replied. “Like wise.” He gave me his little smirk. As I walked into his house, I catch myself stepping on a tiger carpet. On the right wall beside me, there were beautiful pictures of his family: his wife, Pramita, his son, Nicholas, his daughter: Nicky, and himself, Madan. When I was led to his living room, I couldn’t help but notice the chandeliers: clear, enormous, and absolutely gorgeous. I sat on the couch, and Mrs. Ghimire came in to offer me an apple juice. Once again, I thanked him for his generous acceptance of this interview, and of course I thanked Mrs. Ghimire for her juice. “Would you please tell me about your background? What made you choose Medical Technology as your career?” I began with my first question. With a calm, but not necessarily monotonous voice he told me his story. “ I was a science student in Nepal. When I came to America as a student, I knew minor problems would be big deals. Medical Technology has job security─ once you get your degree, you will get a job immediately. I consider myself very lucky. Overall, I am satisfied.”
Similarly, I continued to ask him general questions about his career. His answer was well explained. He told me that if students put their efforts, the classes…

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