A Interview With Actress Alycia Debnam Carey Essay

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Interviews are conducted to gather information from and about a person, and usually revolve around a particular context. Vogue Australia’s Zara Wong, in her interview with actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, strives to expose her bubbly personality and talent to a new audience. She describes the actress as “star bright”, and that her “sharp intelligence” is setting “her apart” from other celebrities. She notes that it is what’s “propelling her success in Hollywood”, rather than her “young and beautiful” appearance. She says that the “canny, big-picture-aware quips” that Debnam-Carey comes out with are a “by-product of an insatiable curiosity and wonderment.” She also exposes, through more information about her story and who she is, why readers should admire her. Where Wong’s interview focuses upon actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, SCMP.com’s (South China Morning Post) online interview with Gordon Ramsay focused upon his new restaurant in Hong Kong, and how it came to be. Interviewer Susan Jung recognizes the premeditated contrast in the “comfortable, fun environment” of Ramsay’s new restaurant ‘Bread Street Kitchen & Bar’ to his aristocratic London based restaurant ‘Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’, which holds three Michelin stars. To begin her article, Jung recounted “viewing YouTube clips of Gordon Ramsay icily demoting two chefs (…) while using expletive after expletive”, and stated how it was “not the best way to psych (herself) up for interviewing him”, and did not help her disquietude.…

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