A Interview With A Man Named David Chan Essay

1243 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
I conducted my interview with a man named David Chan. I was able to find him using group messaging app that contained a chat with everyone in my residence hall. I got many responses when I said I needed someone of a multicultural background but David aligned with the criteria the best because I personally am not culturally competent when it comes to a place like Malaysia. We attempted to find a date where we could meet up for the interview, however we couldn’t find a time that fit both of our schedules. David is involved in the fraternity Sigma Pi Epsilon, which consumes a lot of his time. In result of this, I asked if it would acceptable with him if I emailed the questions to him instead, followed by his responses. This means of communication proved to be beneficial because my interviewee had more time to think about his answers to the questions, providing detailed replies. I emailed him the questions on November 3rd and received his reply approximately a week later. Overall, I believe communicating by means of the internet has not hindered my understanding of the culture. I have learned the same if not more information.

Learning/Engaging with a Person from a Different Culture Before emailing my questions to David, I conducted some research on aspects such as religion and parenting styles in Malaysian culture. From the journals that I read, courtesy of the libraries databases, I learned the primary culture in Malaysia is Islam. Backed by the Australian Journal of…

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