A Interview Paper On Ethnicity And Family Income

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Synekia Bouie
Dec. 6, 2016
Anthropology 101
Interview Paper

Does your ethnicity and family income bracket affect what future you will have in America? As I interviewed eighteen year old, Jose Gonzalez, I was baffled by his answers. I want to know how being of a minority and of low income played a role in your future. I initially decided to interview Jose because of his ethnicity and his family’s income; however, as the interview date grew closer, I knew there was a different reason why I wanted to interview him. I wanted to know what kind of drive and ambition he had deep inside knowing his ethnicity and gender are judged on a daily basis. Yes, gender and your family’s yearly income definitely play a role in your starting point in life, but that isn’t everything.

The questions I asked Jose gave me a clue that he wasn’t really concerned about his ethnicity and definitely not his family’s income. Jose is a firm believer that hard work was definitely the key to success, not your family’s history. The overarching theme of my interview was to draw a correlation between ethnicity and family income and how both of these factors greatly contribute to a person’s future career and their potential income. It seems that there is a preconceived notion that being of a majority and a male leads to prominent success in life. I feel as if it is drastically important to debunk this notion and prove to individuals that your outlook on life as well as your ambition are much more…

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