Essay about A Interview On The Radio Station

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Today is one of the best days in my entire life. The radio station 107.1 gave out special phone calls to celebrities if they answered correctly their question. Only one lucky winner would be able to spend the entire evening with a special celebrity, so I called. Turned out my phone call was accepted; the question I got turned out to be “What radio station are we on?” of course my answer was right which made me the lucky winner. The station allowed five minutes to think of a celebrity. Donald Trump came to my mind not because he is a business man but because he is running for presidency, and I was curious to know how his personality is, because why not? he deserves a chance, and well he can probably convince my parents to vote for him. Let’s just hope the day will end well.

On October 11, 2016 a big day awaiting to happen. Very nice weather surrounding the outdoors with perfect temperature, causing the light blue sky filled with clouds blocking the sun, getting so much fresh wind. I enjoyed this lovely experience even if my mother made me clean the lawn, filled up with orange leaves that have fallen from my three bald trees. I didn’t take so much time, due to a leaf blower and a brother that offered his time. With so much help my lawn looked better than ever. The grass looking fresh and green without a single leaf. My mom on the other hand, went to the store and bought groceries for our special dinner. Mom, brother, and I were so anxious for our special guest to…

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